Services available at SoundSoft include:

The Studio

SoundSoft Productions features a simultaneous 26 track recording facilities. Complete with a dual monitor recording rig. The facility is enclosed in a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, giving the artist the ability to be creative. All clientele are treated in a personal and professional manner. Our goal is to be someone you can talk to and someone you can trust.

New for 2008 is a newly renovated studio. Now with a dedicated control room, vocal booth and equipment facilities, there is now more lucious space available for in the studio for recording! We have also expanded our microphone and preamp selection and added some more dsp based plugins! Stay tuned for more updates.

Live On Location Recording

We now offer full live on location recording. Using minimal equipment, our setup is quick and efficient, offering up to 56 simultaneous tracks of 24 bit audio. If SoundSoft provides the sound production, recording integration is even easier and more efficient.  

Live Sound Production, Audio Engineering, Lighting Design & Live Visuals

Clint is usually the lead soundman at any live event run by SoundSoft. This is because he has over 15 years of experience in the audio industry. Equipment used at the event is chosen specifically for that event. Lighting is also available. From elegant ambience to simple Par cans to advanced moving rigs we'll take care of you. Check out the gallery for a glimpse of the work we've done.  Video capabilities are now available which include live video, "VJ"ing, switching, projection mapping and video matrices.

Session Drumming & Drum Instruction

Clint, who was a born drummer, offers session drumming as well as drum lessons. Enrolled in the Applied Music program at Mohawk College, Clint specializes in mostly alternative drumming but also has a strong background in jazz, Latin and Brazilian percussion. Add a bit of extra spice to your songs with session percussion. Drum lessons are private based, with both the instructor and student behind separate kits. This is by far, the most effective approach. Session drumming, tuning and other support is available both live and in studio at VERY reasonable prices.

Video Production

Ranging from wedding videos - simple or complex, to promotional videos, to music videos, to getting your band's CD release party videotaped. We can handle it. We also do video production for dance, music and skating schools. This also includes full DVD authoring, package design and duplication.

PC & Network Technical Support

Do you really trust the 16 year old kid at the local Future Shop/Best Buy with your computer? It is estimated that over 80% of these so called "computer technicians" will simply format your computer and restore it to it's factory state erasing all your precious data! If this happens to you, always get a second opinion! Get someone who cares and knows what they are doing handle your PC problems. Although SoundSoft Productions is a production facility, it uses software run on computers that have been maintained by SoundSoft's own Clint Alves - an very experienced computer and network technician, with a Network Engineering & Security Analyst diploma. He can also custom build you a computer according to YOUR own needs using quality parts. Contact us for more information. Don't get ripped off!

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