Thank you for the 15 years of allowing us to serve you!

SoundSoft Productions is a one-stop shop for your production needs. We specialize and take pride in the areas of audio, lighting, video and IT.  Offering services such as studio and live on location recording, live sound engineering, lighting, video teching and so on.  All work is custom tailored to fit your needs and requirements. For more information on what we offer, please click on the services link to the left.

We try to keep this website up to date with photos and audio samples as well as an updated equipment list.  That said, please check back often!  Do not hesitate to use the contact us page on the left if you would like more information.

Welcome to our new site!  It's still in the works and so things aren't quite ready yet.


If you'd like to check out up to date pictures and videos on what we're up to, visit Clint @drummerclint on Instagram (new window).

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